Possibility by Colin Deane

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Colin Deane is a soulful singer/songwriter,

who draws his eclectic influence from his ever curious hunger for new music. Growing up, music always spoke to him. Discovering expression and art in sonic form, his own music was always evolving. As a kid, he remembers listening to his parent's taste in music. From The Eagles to The Gypsy Kings, Phantom of the Opera to P!nk, his wide range of music is something he pulls from today when creating his own work. 

In his school years, Colin found musical theater, and used his growing love for music to improve his understand of his craft both on stage and in studio. 


After school, he made a shift from musical theater to singer/songwriter. With a growing “Come As You Are” attitude, Colin moved to Los Angeles to pursue his own path. He is composing and creating his own music and performing on the LA circuit.


Today Colin has released several new singles of his own, "Possibility", "Alone With You" and "Mood", which you can find on Spotify, AppleMusic or any other major streaming platform. You may also find him working in his studio on his newest music, unless of course he’s on his latest adventure, or expanding his “Come As You Are” community.